Mission: To introduce Sentry360's next-generation products to the industry in a unique and meaningful way.

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Traditional Kickstarter campaigns make people feel special by including them in the ground floor stages of a new product, company or idea…They need your money to fund the project and give you an incentive to hop on-board. BIG RISKS: A good chance your money could be lost if the inventor can’t deliver, or you could be held in a long drawn out holding pattern if there are delays in manufacturing.

Launch AVIDD Campaign is Different:  We’ve already funded the prototype phase, debugging phase and now want our first production run to be tested and examined by industry professionals.  Unlike traditional Kickstarter campaigns, we are giving you the new product for FREE with only two conditions:

1.) You must be a qualified security industry professional and meet our criteria

2.)  You or your team must be willing to put the time into testing the product and give us real contextual feedback.

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What's in it for you?

What is AVIDD?


AVIDD is Sentry360’s next-generation product-line being brought to life after years of dreaming, creation and design.  AVIDD is an acronym for: aggregated, video, intelligent, decentralized, data and is designed to open new possibilities outside the current limitations of traditional video surveillance systems. Fundamentally, we feel AVIDD is the result of a well thought-out mechanical, electrical and software engineering design, with context not only to our competitors but our system integrator partners installing in the field and the end-users depending on these products to protect their people and businesses.

AVIDD is a product-series (46 models in total) dedicated to developing best-in-breed HD, ULTRA-HD, 180° & 360° IP video surveillance cameras.  The series has many disruptive hardware combinations never before seen in the market.  During the course of the campaign followers will get a first-hand look as we individually break down the unique features, discuss the design philosophy, and share not only our testing procedures, but challenges we overcame in the design/development process.

Not just another camera…

It’s a brand new architecture




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